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Gaming is serious stuff

With App Stores being invaded by the endless wave of Mobile Apps – especially for games – there is an enormous range of free development tools encouraging ‘young developers’ to create their own ‘little App’ and sell it online for a few cents. Nothing wrong of course but, my dear ‘little nerds’, gaming is serious…
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The 10 tech trends of the future

Which technologies will guide and enable the most dramatic and significant changes in your environment over the next 3-5 years? This is the question Gartner asked to a large panel of CIOs and CEOs all over the world, then outlining the scenario of future technological trends that vice president & Gartner fellow David Cearly illustrated…
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Home automation: the most popular branch of IoT

According to the latest Internet of Things Industry Influence Studypublished by Appinions, home automation is the most popular branch of Internet of Things technology. Analyzing hundreds of millions of news, blog, forum, and social media posts from March through June 2014, the data journalists at Appinions reveal the overall influence trend in IoT technology. Interesting…
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