I turbamenti del giovane ‘customer’

Suona bene… ma forse le ansie sono solo quelle del cliente vecchio stile che antepone la propria privacy alla proposta di nuove soluzioni e servizi da parte di brand sempre più affamati di dati. I giovani, se le fanno certe domande? Ha ancora senso parlare di ‘percezione del valore’?   by Depositphotos   A fine […]

Customer engagement, un fidanzamento con promessa continua di matrimonio

Qualche riflessione mattutina prima di vestire i panni di giornalista e iniziare il viaggio alla scoperta di Watson e delle sue applicazioni nel mondo del marketing by Depositphotos   Sono a Las Vegas e nel momento in cui scrivo sono le 4.30 del mattino. Il jet-lag si fa sentire e anziché girarmi nel letto in […]

Is Artificial Intelligence the new disruptive wave?

  The overall Artificial Intelligence (AI) market is expected to be worth USD 16.06 Billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 62.9% from 2016 to 2022 (source: marketsandmarkets.com). The major factor driving the artificial intelligence market globally is the growing number of applications of AI technologies in various end-user verticals and the growing adoption […]

Just a decade and we’ll have quantum computing

  Computational calculus based on qubits and neuromorphic chips: this is the new computing expertise at work in the IBM research center in Zurich – systems that might lead to new and even more powerful cognitive systems. In a decade we might already see the first ‘standard’ quantum computer   A center of pure experimental […]

Digital Supply Chain: where to begin from

Making companies ‘smarter’ by digitally managing the supply chain is now a reality. The most basic principle is always the same: work on data! In the last few decades, companies began to consider technology, lean manufacturing and global production as ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Today, these strategies are leading to decreasing returns […]

Our future with nanotechnology

Today, computational power makes it impossible to emulate the human brain but, at now, it is not economically and energetically sustainable: a human brain consumes less energy to solve problems than a machine, however, increasingly intensive miniaturization enables unparalleled processing performance and intelligence system. GpGPU Computing and Quantum Computing are two areas where we expect […]

Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing… new horizons

Although a number of technological limitations still prevent Artificial Intelligence from developing into the apocalyptic scenarios that the film industry has been inundating us with for decades, the progress of cognitive systems and their application in business contexts is not going to stop. In fact, it is likely to become ever stronger in view of […]