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Italy and smartphone: we are the furthest boor in Europe

  Compulsive use of the smartphone gives Italy as the “rudest nation of Europe”. This is what comes out from a Global Mobile Consumer Survey by Deloitte in 2016. As the number of circulating mobile phones increases in Italy, there has been an exponential increase of the time that Italians spend, even in the dead…
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The productivity paradox

Technology, created to ‘free’ employees, has often proven to be a trap, yet the ongoing digital transformation could actually ‘knock’ the productivity paradox, allowing IT to return to its role as a supporter of growth The famous American economist Robert Solow, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1987 for his contributions to…
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The 10 tech trends of the future

Which technologies will guide and enable the most dramatic and significant changes in your environment over the next 3-5 years? This is the question Gartner asked to a large panel of CIOs and CEOs all over the world, then outlining the scenario of future technological trends that vice president & Gartner fellow David Cearly illustrated…
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