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Analytics e AI: esplorare il possibile per realizzare l’inimmaginabile

Al SAS Forum 2017 va in scena il ‘futuro realizzabile’ dove a guidare l’innovazione e la trasformazione digitale delle organizzazioni sono i dati il cui valore di estrae attraverso analytics e Artificial Intelligence   Marco Icardi, Regional Vice President SAS   Siamo nel pieno dell’era digitale e parlare di analytics è diventato ‘normale’. “Anche se…
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Experimental research: my journey in Wonderland

The scanning tunnelling microscope, for which the two scientists won a Nobel Prize and which then led to the atomic force microscope with which one can now study molecular structures and their ‘behaviour’, up to nanotechnologies for advanced diagnostics. Here’s what happens in the state-of-the-art experimental research centre where IT’s technological evolution is just a…
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Building the digital platform for the new algorithmic business

The digital journey must be led by CIOs, though to ensure this is possible, their agenda must contemplate, along with investments and projects for the evolution of the architectural IT platform, transformation journeys focusing on building a digital business platform (connected, dynamically reconfigurable and open). The journey develops across three guiding principles: delivery, talent and…
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