The productivity paradox

Technology, created to ‘free’ employees, has often proven to be a trap, yet the ongoing digital transformation could actually ‘knock’ the productivity paradox, allowing IT to return to its role as a supporter of growth The famous American economist Robert Solow, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1987 for his contributions to […]

Digital Supply Chain: where to begin from

Making companies ‘smarter’ by digitally managing the supply chain is now a reality. The most basic principle is always the same: work on data! In the last few decades, companies began to consider technology, lean manufacturing and global production as ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Today, these strategies are leading to decreasing returns […]

Smart Manufacturing: towards a Digital Supply Chain

Superior performance, increased productivity, profitability and competitiveness and the ability to better satisfy customers and ‘predict’ the market. These are the results obtained by companies that invest in innovative technologies. The Boston Consulting Group analyses the leaders of the digital supply chain For years, companies have exploited digital technologies in the supply chain to improve […]

Our future with nanotechnology

Today, computational power makes it impossible to emulate the human brain but, at now, it is not economically and energetically sustainable: a human brain consumes less energy to solve problems than a machine, however, increasingly intensive miniaturization enables unparalleled processing performance and intelligence system. GpGPU Computing and Quantum Computing are two areas where we expect […]

Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing… new horizons

Although a number of technological limitations still prevent Artificial Intelligence from developing into the apocalyptic scenarios that the film industry has been inundating us with for decades, the progress of cognitive systems and their application in business contexts is not going to stop. In fact, it is likely to become ever stronger in view of […]

From cloud to fog computing… waiting for “SUNplification”

Bringing clouds close to the ground and creating fog – anything just to see the sun! No, it is not my weather forecast, even though, judging from how confusing this sentence is, you might in fact think so. For several years now, cloud computing has been described in the IT industry as a new paradigm capable […]

Building the digital platform for the new algorithmic business

The digital journey must be led by CIOs, though to ensure this is possible, their agenda must contemplate, along with investments and projects for the evolution of the architectural IT platform, transformation journeys focusing on building a digital business platform (connected, dynamically reconfigurable and open). The journey develops across three guiding principles: delivery, talent and […]

API, the new currency of the Digital Economy

A number of service providers are already using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to improve operational efficiency and productivity, though these interfaces are about to become the currency through which Digital Transformation pathways can be monetized in terms of innovation and co-creation of opportunities and business models inside an increasingly extended ecosystem of vendors, partners and […]

The 10 tech trends of the future

Which technologies will guide and enable the most dramatic and significant changes in your environment over the next 3-5 years? This is the question Gartner asked to a large panel of CIOs and CEOs all over the world, then outlining the scenario of future technological trends that vice president & Gartner fellow David Cearly illustrated […]

Why Digital Transformation is not only Technology investment

Without openness to change, either naturally or as a specific initiative, digital transformation stalls The main critical challenge in Digital Transformation is changing company culture. It’s revealed by the survey of Altimeter Group, “The 2014 state of the digital transformation”. Collecting different top executives point of view, at the top of the list, changing company […]