The CIO as a sailor

Last year I was lucky enough to meet some managers and entrepreneurs of Italian companies located in the North East and with great pleasure I found out that long-term business plans still exist in medium-sized Italian companies. I am referring to manufacturing companies, in some cases even to some divisions of American corporations, which in […]

Can the CIO breathe a sigh of relief?

The digital transformation is up to the CMO (and CEO)! At least that is what some top American executives say, in a survey conducted by well-known analyst and visionary Brian Solis The ‘mandate’ to guide the digital business transformation is entrusted in 56% of cases to the CMO and in 42% of cases to the […]

Why Digital Transformation is not only Technology investment

Without openness to change, either naturally or as a specific initiative, digital transformation stalls The main critical challenge in Digital Transformation is changing company culture. It’s revealed by the survey of Altimeter Group, “The 2014 state of the digital transformation”. Collecting different top executives point of view, at the top of the list, changing company […]