Medical Selfie: la diagnosi si fa con lo smartphone

La telecamera del nostro cellulare diventa uno strumento di analisi delle urine; un micro-dispositivo che si collega tramite il comune jack degli auricolari consente analisi del sangue in una quindicina di minuti. Così la diagnosi medica si fa con lo smartphone   by Depositphotos   Può un completo e qualitativo test medico di laboratorio essere […]

Gaming is serious stuff

With App Stores being invaded by the endless wave of Mobile Apps – especially for games – there is an enormous range of free development tools encouraging ‘young developers’ to create their own ‘little App’ and sell it online for a few cents. Nothing wrong of course but, my dear ‘little nerds’, gaming is serious […]

Agile Operation IT, we need to work in bimodal mode

Digital Transformation requires bimodal IT operations: while in the first mode IT is in its comfort zone, because it is used to working on stability and efficiency, the second one requires an effort to change.  We need to switch from traditional IT to Agile Operations to combine the stability they have always featured with agility, […]

Why so much talk of APIs?

The concept of APIs – Application Programming Interface – is not new, but it is forcefully coming back into the limelight for some significant reasons, namely three, in my personal opinion: 1) the growth of open-source projects and the increasingly popular approach to open innovation: open source solutions stem from communities, which means they don’t […]

API, the new currency of the Digital Economy

A number of service providers are already using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to improve operational efficiency and productivity, though these interfaces are about to become the currency through which Digital Transformation pathways can be monetized in terms of innovation and co-creation of opportunities and business models inside an increasingly extended ecosystem of vendors, partners and […]